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One year is spring. Spring million recovery, vibrant, for long-term work in the room, feeling eye fatigue, blurred vision, the spring seductive is a big project! May wish to use the spring time of good time, while playing edge eye protection. So how to spring eye care?
Flying kite liberation eyes
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In addition to lead the kite in addition to lead, stretch the body and mind, the prevention of myopia have special effects. Close, long time with the eye caused by eye ciliary muscle tension, is the main cause of myopia, flying a kite just to focus on the eyes of the Replica Ray Ban RB3016 sunglasses, is a good Ray Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses  movement adjustment. The body’s eye movement is often look down to look up, look up, fly the kite can attract children to focus on the distance of the high-altitude kite to see this up to see a certain point of the game characteristics, is to promote the ciliary muscle relaxation ,rest. Recommended reading: open season eye to meet the visual spring
It is more enjoyable
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The natural green of the wilderness, the forest, the Ray Ban RB3016 is most suitable for the human vision, the spring tour to the nature to go green as green, the recovery of vision is very good.
Beauty seductive also do not forget the threat of UV, you can bring a pair of new color film, outdoor easy to change color, sunscreen cool two correct! Enjoy the beauty of spring at the same time, has become the eyes of others.
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Climbing long vision anti-eye muscle rigidity
Experts point out that only the distance between the field of continuous interaction, in order to maintain the Ray Ban RB3016 to adjust the muscles of the flexible expansion and not rigid. People’s daily work, study, reading are near vision, to the distance to nature, is a good way to prevent eye muscle rigidity.
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With the popularity of electronic products, people’s eyes more and more overdraft, decreased vision, blurred vision, eye pain and other eye problems also follow. In order to avoid continued decline in vision, usually should take some eye tips to improve. The following Xiaobian finishing five tips for the care of the eyes, hoping to ease your eye fatigue!
1, insist on eye exercises.
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Beginning from the primary school, the teacher taught us to do eye exercises, then feel very funny, secretly open to others, so that now Xiaobian still not the whole set of health care. For a long time to do eye exercises, can fully relax the eye muscles, to avoid prolonged urgency, reduce the fatigue of the Ray Ban RB3016 sunglasses. Recommended reading: how to protect children by eye care
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2, diligent eye movement.
Let the eye movement, so that exercise. Practice is: feet apart with the shoulder width, chest standing, head slightly Yang, about the palm of the hand rubbing, gently cover their eyes, and then turn the eyes, will feel instantly relaxed eyes. In addition, the horizon of the scenery is also a good way to see the mountains, look at the building, see pedestrians … … can also adjust the eye muscle and lens, reduce eye fatigue, improve vision.
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3, food maintenance.
For this point, Xiao Bian is holding hands agreed, because Xiao Bian and most people, there is a common name: “eat”. Eat more food for the eyesight, such as yam, carrots, beef, corn, animal liver and other food, or directly drink eye care tea.
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4, tea maintenance.
Eyes hi cold heat, encounter Firelight, anger too Sheng, will be long feces, dry, redness, congestion, often with mobile cold water wash your face can reduce eye disease, protect eyesight and enhance the resistance of the eye to the disease. In addition, the tea smoked eye to protect the eyes, restore vision also have a greater help, Xiao Bian suggested may wish to try chrysanthemum tea.
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5, wearing glasses.
Eyes myopia, and can not see when the eye will be forced to increase regulation, intraocular pressure rise, extraocular muscle contraction, long term can lead to longer axial, myopia deepened, so whether it is myopia or hyperopia, are required to wear the appropriate Ray Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses , so not only good for the eyes, but also to avoid myopia or hyperopia to the impact of life.
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The above is the five tips for the care of the eyes, but these skills can only temporarily alleviate the eye fatigue, if the need to wear glasses to the point, or need to wear glasses.

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