What is the classic fake ray ban sunglasses? Classic and fashion sunglasses

Ray ban sunglasses has always been a classic and become the trend, but also has been leading the trend. Its classic sunglasses is always been highly respected, whether it is big stars or the streets of the influx of women, you can see wearing fake ray ban sunglasses 2017 figure. So, what is the classic sunglasses?
fake ray ban sunglasses
ray ban sunglasses 2017
What is the classic sunglasses?
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Ray ban 3025
fake Ray ban 3025 sunglasse
The first is designed for the US Air Force pilots, and now, has become a classic, the classic water droplets-like design, the handsome pilots style and ray ban quality of the perfect combination of quality and performance, good comfort , Classic gold frame, with a variety of lens colors, providing 100% UV protection and clear vision.
Ray ban 3026
fake Ray ban 3026 sunglasses
Ray ban 3026 and ray ban 3025 style is like, but the size is different, than the ray ban 3025 to be large, designed for the larger face design, the same is the classic pilot series. Slim light design, classic beautiful and handsome.
Ray ban 2140
fake Ray ban 2140 sunglasses
Classic ray ban Wayfarer Hiking series, iconic style, but also highly recognizable style, is a very popular style, by stars, artists, musicians and fashion people love and sought after, there are a variety of colors to choose the lens , Including crystal green and gradient and polarized lenses. Ray ban 2140F style is designed according to Asian people.
Ray ban 3136
fake Ray ban 3136 sunglasses
With a geometric beauty of the contour design, by everyone’s favorite, the lens and the frame for the square, more personality style. There are a variety of colors available.
Ray ban 3016
fake Ray ban 3016 sunglasses
Inspired by the 50’s, retro style and eternal representatives, highlighting my personality, more by those who lead the future trend of culture, intellectuals love. The frames are black and brown, with crystal green lenses.
Ray ban 3447
fake Ray ban 3447 sunglasses
Retro round design, the 20th century, 60 years come out, its design inspiration from the anti-mainstream culture. Iconic crystal lens and round frame with a great retro beauty, slim metal mirror legs with plastic texture feet, bring an excellent sense of wearing, the lens has a standard lens, mirror lens or polarized lenses can choose.
Ray ban 4105
fake Ray ban 4105 sunglasses
The foldable sunglasses are designed with the same iconic design as the hiker series. This style of sunglasses practical, easy to carry, and very stylish, suitable for all face.

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